What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

I sometimes wonder what goes on behind closed doors in homes. When I drive by and see a bunch of balloons tied to the stairwells I can only assume there is a celebration of sorts going on.

Such was the case in my home this past Sunday, my home was buzzing with energy and activity. I prepped, cooked and cleaned the night before. I was up until 3 in the morning, working hard making sure that everything was quite literally picture perfect and ready to go for the following day. You see, I have just finished my cook book and had the photographer coming in to take pictures of the recipes in the first chapter. 

I had 15 recipes ready to go; I had a table full of props that included fresh veggies, fruits, flowers, and plate wear. It was an exciting but arduous process. Thankfully there was lots of sunlight and this allowed for great pictures in natural lighting vs. artificial lighting. I hear that this is a huge deal!

In addition to that my photographer, Sylk Negron from Sylk Photography was amazing. She really helped in making the process run very smoothly. Not to mention that every picture came out fantastic! I tried to document my experience of the day by taking pictures myself. My efforts however do not in any way, shape or form compare to the ones captured through a professional’s lens.

At the expense of seeming like the neighborhood peeping tom I admit that I am now doubly curious as to what happens behind closed doors. As I sit at a red light and look around I sometimes catch glimpses of people in their homes moving around. I wonder, “hmmm, is it normal humdrum life or are they too prepping for an exciting, possibly life changing event?”  



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