Confessions of a Momtrepreneur

 I am a mom of 4 and a business owner. In addition to owning my insurance practice I find myself always seeking for additional revenue streams as well as ventures that will allow me to express my creative side.  All of this and I still have to be sure to get dinner on the table, keep house, help kids with homework and serve as a chauffeur.  Never mind “tending to my husband”. I am always asked “How do you do it?” and my response is always the same… “You do what you have to do”.  I know that the response I give is of little solace, especially for those who are looking to tap into their own entrepreneurial side. The reality is that a lot of these things do not always get executed the way I’d like them to.  I try to prep a couple of meals on Sundays so that during the week I can just toss the salad that goes along with the casserole or have “kits” prepped so that I can throw it in the slow cooker, but the reality is that I have found myself reaching for the hamburger helper box, running to the nearest Jewel for the ready made rotisserie chicken or better yet the phone for takeout. I have given up hope on my linen closet looking like the ones in the display at Pottery Barn and the fact that my Christmas tree is still up is of no consequence.  I have now decorated the Christmas tree as a birthday tree.  I used it as decoration for my sisters birthday dinner because I didn’t have time to take the tree down and go to the store and get balloons and proper decorations.  So I improvised… Bottom line, I am trying to keep it together as best I can.  It is more important to me that I leverage my time wisely and that means I am either taking “money making” meetings with potential clients or I am making beautiful and meaningful memories with my family as I spend true quality time with them.  Everything else is just white noise.  Isn’t this the way it is for everyone though? Don’t we all have “crazy” times in our lives where some things need to be allowed to fall on the wayside or we run the risk of actually becoming crazy?  I can sleep when I die and I can keep the picture perfect home when I can afford a full time maid!

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