I’m Megan?

Went out last night with my little sister and her friends some of whom I have now friended myself… and not just on Facebook.

We were all “DIVAFIED” as we usually are. All 6 of us, beautiful, intelligent and accomplished women of color, out for a night in the town to celebrate the life of one of the most amazing people I know, my sister. We were having fantastic conversation amongst ourselves and even better drinks which in turn made conversation even more interesting. We were truly looked upon in envy, you can see just by glancing in our direction that we were all going to have a great night. As we drank and talked we were approached by the waitress who commented on what a dynamic group we were and that she would love to join the “crew” for the night if only she wasn’t working…As if this is all that would have needed to happen to be a part of our little group…She then proceeds to tell us that we reminded her of the group of women from Bridesmaids, now this came as a surprise to me because A. none of us are white and B. We were either married or single in the group so… no bridesmaids here, but of course I am a curious creature and so naturally her comment prompted me to ask the question… Which one am I??

I am not sure which character of the movie I expected to be or even wanted to be, she quickly blurts out with no hesitation…”You are totally Megan!”

This took me by surprise because even though I did not know who I wanted to be, I certainly in a million years did not think I would be compared to Megan. All I could think of right at that moment was that obnoxiously hilarious scene where she lifts her leg in the cabin of the plane trying to entice the air marshal into flirting back. I then flashed forward to the end of the movie where she is having foreplay by way of sandwich on the air marshals’ naked body… One scene more disturbing than the other. I quickly responded, “Your tip is disappearing quickly”, she then quickly replies, “I think you’re much prettier though”.  

WOWZA! That was a hit to my ego, but as I mulled it over throughout the evening and through today I have come to the conclusion that her comment was in no way an insult. Megan was the best character in the movie! She made the movie and was honored with a coveted Oscar award for best supporting actress. She was funny and insightful, she was helpful and smart. She definitely needed a fashion intervention but why was I offended at hearing that initial comparison. Hmmm, I’m Megan… why not?

I think I’ll go back next weekend and give her a tip after all.


One response

  1. I think you know why she said Megan. You, like Megan, are memorable. You are unforgettable so she was definitely complementing you 🙂 Please continue to write and make me laugh/smile.

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