Moves Like Jagger

Last night I attended a Maroon 5 concert. I have wanted to catch them live for quite some time now and was so excited when I found out that I had tickets. Adam happens to be on my “list”. (I will explain the “list some other day!) I have been so infatuated with that man along with millions of others I am sure… I put on the cutest thing I had in my closet and wore red lipstick! (Anyone who knows me knows I don’t wear red lipstick) Once I arrived at Union Station (where this said concert was to be held) I realized that it wasn’t going to be the most “comfy” of situations. There was no seating and after an hour my feet were screaming… take off the heels!!

I also came to find out that while we purchased our tickets more than half of the people there got them for free :/  In addition to that it was a promo concert for HarrisCasinos so it wasn’t really a “full ” concert is was more like half of a concert with other web casts from other cities holding the same kind of event. They had short films disguised as commercials, it was a whole shenanigans.

First Sara Barielles got on stage and that was an unexpected treat, it was hosted by Juliana Rancic and her husband but the reality is we were all there for MAROON 5… I was dying by hour 2 in my heels being pushed by girls half my age wearing questionable clothing all the while contemplating how many questionable things they should do to have the bouncer allow them in the back room (Ahem) 

The second they got on stage my feet forgot they were in pain! I forgot how annoyed I was, truth is they were ELECTRIFYING… they started with the first song which was Moves Like Jagger, 30 seconds into the song I started to tear up…Now let’s get this straight…I am not the girl who is so overwhelmed by an artist that she will begin to cry and scream and tear at her clothing. I quickly realized that I am about to look like the biggest doofus tearing up to Moves Like Jagger, I didn’t even want hubby catching on that I was this emotional. So I did what we all do when we are in this situation (or maybe it’s just me) I pretended to have caught debris in my eyes…both of them!

 You are probably reading this and wondering WTH is Carmen’s problem… who gets emotional over “Moves Like Jagger”??? Well let me explain.

A couple of years ago when the verdict from doctors in regards to my daughter was that she in fact had Aspergers and was also suffering from verbal apraxia it was devastating to us. They told us that she would struggle to speak and that it could quite literally take years for her to be able to verbally communicate effectively with us. We had speech therapists in and out of our home on a bi-daily basis and did all of the exercises, even on our own, when there was no professional around. We started to learn sign language as we did not know how bad it would be… We were all really expecting for the best but preparing for the worst. Her tongue seemed to “loosen” up with time and she would say words and phrases but not speak in full sentences. She is 5 now and still struggles a bit with truly communicating verbally. She understands what you have to say and knows what she wants to say but can’t get it all out. this also creates in her a form of self doubt and inhibition as she can feel that she is somehow missing the mark. So it definitely makes her self conscious and defensive.

We are very much a musical family and always have something musical happening in the home there’s either my husband who is prepping his music collection or listening to new tunes for the coming weekend play list (he’s a DJ) or someone is belting out a tune (usually me), playing an instrument or showing off a new dance step in the kitchen…you get the picture, so it made sense for it to become a natural form of expression for her as well. She started feeling comfort in this environment and let her guard down. This is when she truly allowed us to be silly with her and she would reciprocate the action, other than that she was pretty expressionless. She would sing some of the words to Justin Beiber songs or the Barney song, imitate dance steps but it wasn’t until she heard Moves Like Jagger that magic happened.

Every time the song would come on she would get quiet and tell everyone in the car shhhh….Until one day she belted out the song at the top of her lungs… THE ENTIRE SONG!

This is when true evolution in her verbal skills came full circle. I was so excited when she started saying more and using her expressive language in a more effective way that I never really pinpointed where it all began until last night. I stopped looking at Adam as a piece of meat and thought to myself… This guy has no clue that this song transformed my little girl! Transformed us!

Since the day she sang that song we haven’t stopped having the most wonderful of conversations!


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  1. I personally will never look at Maroon 5 the same way, except through your eyes and heart from this point on. I have always loved this group, and now I love them with more meaning thanks to Nadia;-) Words could never explain the way I feel after great advice and great conversation according to Carmen;-) Love you boo!

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